Beats Studio Wireless headphones

To know the quality of the Beats Studio Wireless, you may need to compare it with other product. In this case, we will see two high-end headphones; one is from Beats Studio Wireless and another one is Samsung Level Over.

Even though Samsung and the Beats come from two different companies, they are in the same field of competition. Sometimes, people who love listen to music want to enjoy the music personally. There is no better way in listening to the music in our ears without bothering other people, except using headphones.

In certain condition, people will be picky even though they only choose headphones to be used. Samsung Level Over could be compatible with mobile phones. It is no different from the Beats Studio Wireless. Beats Studio Wireless is the new product from Apple’s Beats. Some people doubt the product but a few reviews show that Beats Studio Wireless could be a competitor to the Samsung Level Over.

The construction

The Samsung Level Over has stuck to the basic in design. The color of this model is white and tan which make it look great and stand out. The combination of the materials and craftsmanship make is a great quality product. You will sense that the headphones are the premium product since the first time you open the box and try them on. Even though most of the construction is plastic, the finish of the product is excellent.

On the other hands, Beats headphones are iconic and have a great look. Even though the latest Studio model has not changed much, the demand is still high. We found a great guide to the best beats headphones and thought we’d share that site with you. They definitely are going to stay for long in the market. They have some improvements in this model by redesigned the wide, so it is not as big as the previous models. The Beats Studios Wireless can be classified as the high-end product with its finest quality. Besides that, they are made from synthetic leather used on the headband and ear cups. Those materials make them soft and supple when they are used. The ear cups are the standard closed back design which can be found in every Beats headphone. They are built nicely and they will feel so good on your ears. Moreover, there is an adjustment which is more than adequate to fit for anyone. Then, the tri-fold design fits them neatly into the included carrying case.

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