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Flyzoo chat platform

Flyzoo, easy and effective chat platform for your community

Communication is all that matters everything nowadays, as no community, virtual or physical, is able to work properly without a fluid and correct connection among its members. For this reason, we´ve designed a groundbreaking chat platform which is sure to revolutionize virtual communications as we know them: Flyzoo.

As you may know, real-time communication is crucial for any thriving community, as it optimizes work and makes every process a lot faster and simpler. Sure, it´s considerably easy to build a proper connection with simple tools like Joomla or BuddyPress, but the real challenge lies on finding an optimal chat that provides updated and modern features to assure a top notch communication among the members of your community. Most platforms count with outdated user experience and getting a self-hosted chat is definitely not investment friendly.

It´s never been this easy

Luckily for you, we´ve come to make this process a lot easier, as our new chat platform, Flyzoo, provides a sleek, powerful and yet simple way to add a chat to your community in just 5 minutes. No longer will you have to spend an immense amount of time or money looking for a proper way to establish a fluent communication among the members of your virtual community for Flyzoo is completely user friendly and is sure to enhance your productivity to the maximum.

Don´t worry, it is compatible

If you´re thinking Flyzoo won´t be compatible with your platform or community, chances are you´re wrong, because we´ve made sure Flyzoo works with most community based platforms on the internet. It works perfectly with WordPress, BuddyPress and Joomla! However, if you don´t use any of these, you can head to our website and check our wide variety of options for you.

Countless features

One of the numerous things that make us stand out among most chat services on the market is the immense amount of features and functions we provide for you.

Share your ideas with your contacts with our multiple group chats function and make sure everyone reaches your messages and contributions. Alternatively, you can use the classic private messaging, which enables you to reach anyone from your contacts list; another feature from Flyzoo.

Not even for a second should you think these are our only services, as we will also provide the user with file sharing, live support chat, real time visitor monitoring, API integrations, customizations, chat history, advanced chat moderation and many more which will be at your full disposal.

In case you were wondering, Flyzoo is completely mobile friendly and is available in many languages, so no matter where you are located, you will be able to communicate with your contacts in a matter of seconds.

If you have any problem while setting up Flyzoo or if you basically have any kind of issue with our platform, we too provide customer service, so that our team of experts can quickly clear all your doubts and assist you with any problem you might have. All you have to do is head to the support section in our website and fill in the form so that we have an email where we can contact you. Then, send us your message and we will respond you as soon as we can. It´s as easy as that!

Give it a try, you won´t regret it

Head to our website and sign up so that you can try our amazing platform and give the members of your community a top notch communication in a matter of minutes.

Not only is Flyzoo completely amazing, simple and user friendly, but we also care for your budget. Flyzoo has unbelievably good prices, and not only that, as most of the times we will have insane discounts available to all our customers.

Convinced now?

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and give Flyzoo a try, we guarantee you´ll notice the difference right away and you won´t be able to stop using it. If you have any doubt or question which has not been cleared in this composition, we invite you to contact us so that we can help you with anything you need. Improve your communications, and add a chat to your BuddyPress or Joomla! Community.


wallpaper wordpress theme

Searching for beautiful and quality wallpaper WordPress themes is time consuming and can be hard to find a perfect theme that would suit on your needs. Fortunately, there are best wallpaper WordPress themes you can choose from and depending on your preferences, you can choose any theme you want. Just make sure that it comes with amazing features including SEO, rich snippet, responsive, fast loading, and many more.

Some of the best wallpaper WordPress themes you can take for consideration are as follows:

WallMix 2.0

This is one of the best wallpaper WordPress themes that can assist you when setting up a complete website in less than twenty minutes.


Best wallpaper theme WallMix 2.0



WallPaper WordPress Theme Version 2.0

With this, you can have a variety of wallpapers for your theme. If you don’t like the choices provided, you can just upload your image and get a wonderful and personal theme for your business.


best wordpress wallpaper theme



WPWallpaper is a renowned wallpaper theme for every niche wallpaper site. Designed with HTML and CSS3, it is very responsive with rich and good looking features, which include rich snippet, SEO, fast loading, and so on.



Best wallpaper wordpress theme WPWallpaper



This is a new wallpaper WordPress theme, which is also considered as one of the highly recommended themes due to its simplicity.


geenwall best wallpaper wordpress theme


Wolpeper Theme

This is a wallpaper WordPress theme designed for every niche wallpaper site and has almost everything you need to meet your professional looking wallpaper website preferences. Another good thing about Wolpeper theme is that it offers lifetime free update!


Wolpeper Theme best wordpress wallpaper theme



NewWall Version 2.0

This is the new version of NewWall. It can be set up for less than fifteen minutes. So, if you want to save time from building your own website, this NewWall 2.0 theme is a great choice!


NewWall Version 2.0 best wordpress wallpaper theme




This is one of the finest wallpaper WordPress themes you can consider. If you want to get started with your website at the soonest date, WhiteWall can be a perfect option for you!


WhiteWall best wordpress wallpaper theme



There are other wallpaper WordPress themes you can choose from in today’s market. Whether you are a first time in searching for themes or you wanted to upgrade your theme, there are several things you need to take for consideration to pick the best one. More often than not, the theme’s price was a good indicator of quality. Free themes are said to be poorly coded and were usually used in capturing sensitive user data. However, times changed and the developers in the community of WordPress have designed a lot of free themes to select from.

One of the things you may do when picking a theme is to know more about the developer. If it has a reputation in the industry, you can be assured that you will get the best quality theme that would make a difference. Although no themes are perfect and you will almost always have to make compromises, choosing the one that matches on your needs will never give you any regrets and will surely give you results.



When it comes to HTML5 video, browser support is evolving at a rapid pace. While Flash videos are non-searchable and not all users have an updated and fast browser, HTML5 video is considered as more advanced. It’s highly searchable, it renders properly on the modern browsers and mobile devices, and it is also simple to style and integrate. If you are still using old browsers, with just a few tweaks, it can also support HTML5.

Almost all browsers support HTML5 video. That is the reason why you should not worry about anything if you want to consider HTML5 videos on your website. Using a HTML5 for your videos to be viewable on any devices or browsers is actually a no brainer. For you to incorporate it successfully, you have to embed at least two of the 3 formats, which include .webm, .ogg, and .mp4. Fortunately, with the different tools available online, you don’t have to undergo complicated steps just to use HTML5 video on your blog or website. One of the most popular tools you can use is EasyHTML5Video.

What Is EasyHTML5Video?

Easy HTML5 Video is a program that you can use to convert any video to HTML5 video and create your very own HTML5 videos in simple steps. When compared to creating HTML5 videos in the typical way, all you have to do with EasyHTML5Video is to follow three simple steps to create or convert any of your video to HTML5.

First, you need to drag and drop the video file to the application of EasyHTML5Video. Second, set the poster image, choose codecs, and tune settings. Then, the last step is to press the Start button. Once done, you will get an HTML page with necessary images, videos, and codes.

What Makes EasyHTML5Video Unique?

EasyHTML5Video may look like a typical application that converts any videos to HTML5 video, but what you should know is that it comes with features that set it apart from others. One of these features is that it can convert any videos, which include more than 300 formats from MOV and AVI to latest VP9 and H.265.

EasyHTML5Video has also an easy to use interface and can let you play your video in every browser and deliver like old Androids or iPhones or legacy IEs. With EasyHTML5Video, you don’t need to worry about paying video hostings as this will let you place your videos directly to your own server.

Benefits of Using EasyHTML5Video

With the increasing number of people using mobile devices to access various websites online, there is no doubt why HTML5 video is an important consideration, particularly to web owners who are still using Flash videos. If your website is using tons of videos, this is something you must be aware of as if you don’t start using HTML5 video, your potential customers may leave your website behind and seek for another site that allows them to enjoy watching videos in a much convenient manner through HTML5 video. With the use of EasyHTML5Video, using HTML5 video on your website is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

Whether you are a first timer in using HTML5 videos or you have used these several times, you can be assured that EasyHTML5Video is not complicated to use and will surely help you save time and effort. So, save yourself from hassles today and take advantage of EasyHTML5Video!

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7 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

You must have seen top blogs using Google Adsense as their main source of income from their blog.
Google is top Ad serving platform allover world.

Probably, You know all this information and want to earn through Adsense that’s why you are here 😀

You may have many question in your mind like

-How to apply for Adsense.
-Eligibility for applying for Adsense.
-Requirement of Google Adsense.

If you have all this question in your mind then you are reading correct post. 😀 Stay joined.

Why Google Adsense is so popular and why you should go for Adsense.

Google Adsense is working on pay per click mechanism(PPC). Google Adsense pay per clicks rates are more than other network available in market. It has wide range of advertiser so you don’t have to worry about the quality of Ads on your site.
Google offer various ways to customise ads for your site. You can block any specific ad or you can select any specific type of ads to be shown on your site.
Many of Blogger are earning their livelihood from Adsense earning. So everyone is just crazy about it and want to earn through Adsense.


It is not that easy you thinking to get approval from Google Adsense.

Follow this step by step guide Before Applying for Google Adsense to get your blog approved from google to serve ads on your blog or website.
1) Content is king

As we all know the most import thing that attract any visitor to blog is creative and unique content. Content is king for ranking any website or blog in search engine. If your site has quality content Google itself will pick your site very fast in search engine and this will going to increase your site visibility and in return you will get that thing which we all love to have don’t think something wrong 😀 LoL
I’m taking about visitor.

Keep in mind before writing any post for your blog take into consideration that your post does not have any content related to porn, gambling, illegal or any duplicate content.

2) Number of post

I know just after making your blog or website live. you will be very keen to apply for Google Adsense. Hold on you there.
Actually there is no specific criteria before applying for Google Adsense. But so far practices suggest that you must have sufficient post on your blog to get approve easily.
Google need sufficient content on your site to approve your site and Content must be reader friendly.

According to my experience, before applying for Google Adsense you must have at least 15-20 blog post on your blog.

3) About page

About page is the one of the most important page in your site that you must have to keep before applying. Your About page must describe the main idea about your blog. It must describe briefly about the author or author team working for blog or site. About page is most common and mostly visited page in any Blog. As all reader want to get know about who is behind the blog and the ways to get connect to author socially.

In short your About page must describe briefly about your blogging idea and person behind blog.

4) Contact us page

Contact us page give voice to your reader. It is very common human tendency to communicate. Blogging must not be just one way communication it must be two way communication so that both will be happy at the end of the day(Author and reader). Reader must be able to speak up their view on posts and get in touch with Author. Contact page must be neat and clean and easy for reader to contact you.
When Google guys must be seeing your site they must be like. Yeah! this blog care about its reader and not just focus on making money.

Check out my contact us page.

5) Name/ Email verification

When you apply for Adsense don’t forget to put your name and email at certain easily readable pages of site like “About page” or “contact page”.
You must have to use the mail which you are using mostly so if they(Google) want to check your track record, they can be able to get it that you are old user and not a spam user.
With this your are showing Google team that you are genuine person and not any boat or spammy person.

Put your name and contact email id on page that is visible easily to reader. 

6) Website layout

Your blog layout or design is first thing that visitor look at and that only describe that your user will stay on your blog or just leave it by seeing your crap design. You blog layout must be clean an professional and content must be visible properly at her place.
Select the theme which is clean and have good user interface. There are wide range of WordPress theme available in market which are compatible with Google Adsense.

Use Responsive theme as mobile device user are increasing day by day. Don’t use widget that are ugly and of no use.

7) Paid traffic

If you are bringing traffic to your site by paid sources or through any Blackhat method then for sure you are not going to get approval for Adsense. Google basically penalise the blog’s which is bringing traffic by paid source. By this you are telling “Google you are fool” and that is obvious google not going to bear it.
Traffic to your site must come from organic, social media or direct source or even it may be from ads campaigns.

Use legal Whitehat SEO tricks to brings traffic on your blog to get approval from Google Adsense.

Final words

Make sure you are following all this steps by step guide wisely before applying for Adsense.
This all steps will definitely increase your chance of getting approval quickly without any delay.
If you are facing any problem or have any query let me know in comment section or shoot me mail.