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How to Monetize Your Instagram Account

There was a buzz recently on making a fortune out of your Instagram account. I have decided to examine the topic in order to find some sort of map to success and get profit from my own Instagram profile

How Instagram monetized itself?

Instagram was launched in 2010. Since then the app was growing extremely fast and reached 150 million users in September 2013, twice faster than Twitter did. In April 2012 the company was acquired by Facebook for $1 000 000 000. The deal itself resulted into a huge buzz around app speeded up its growth even more. However, the company haven’t earned anything until launch of in-app ads introduced in November, 2013. Facebook hasn’t yet published its annual earnings this year, however eMarketer has predicted that Instagram will bring $595 million revenue from mobile ads in 2015, and already in 2017 will make more profit in this field than both Google and Twitter.

How users earn on Instagram?

While Facebook is making yields from the app, its users have found a possibility to make fortunes out of their Instagram profiles. The most successful Instagram model according to Daily Mail is 24 years old Australian Kayla Itsines. Her Instagram account has 4.3m followers and brought her over $5 million income. There is a list of ten models that have become millionaires by using Instagram in the article mentioned above. If we’ll sum up why their profiles let them to earn that much, we’ll see something all the models have in common:

  • All of them somehow tied to fitness, which attracts to them all those people who’d like to lose weight but do not have enough motivation to go to gym;
  • Each of them is a beautiful young woman;
  • Each of them is working hard to build its audience and keep it loyal;

While not every Instagram user obtains all of the mentioned qualities, we need to find other ways to monetize our Instagram accounts if we want to.

How you can earn on your Instagram

While examining the topic stated in a title of this article I have noticed that I am neither fitness-coach nor pretty-looking model. However, I still had a purpose to earn some money using my Instagram. So I have begun to look for something, that can help me. After reading all sorts of guides on “posting only blue & yellow images”, “using right filters” etc. I have found Lobster. It sounds just like I have decided to post photos of different shellfishes and make a fortune out of it, however it is not. Lobster is a marketplace for licensing your Instagram & Flickr photos and sell them afterwards.

So it works as a photo stock, but not a regular one. You can get $1,74 per each of your photos taken via Instagram, and it is absolutely great. You do not need to make anything more than posting to your Instagram and getting profit from it. Well, you won’t make a fortune, but it is still more than you earn from using your Instagram account. By the way, service is making your own portfolio out of your Insta photos, which you can also share on social media in order to promote.

So, here is a quick tip on monetizing your Instagram. Do you know other solutions? I’d be happy to discuss them in comments.



Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

If you are a newbie in the world of blogging, there are numerous blogging platforms you can choose from and one of these is the Blogger. Though it lacks some features, it is very simple to set up and comes with a drag and drop feature. With Blogger, you will get a free domain name, which is a great feature especially if you still trying out blogging without spending tons of money on it. Blogger is also under the management of Google so it means that can be indexed much quickly compared to sites from several platforms.

However, if you want to be a professional blogger, you need a more advanced platform and WordPress is the best option for you. Even if it is simple to start with Blogger, you would want to take full control of your blog later on, which WordPress can offer you. Unfortunately, migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress would actually result to sudden drop in Google rankings and could also affect your traffic.

Why Go with WordPress Instead of Blogger?

Although starting with Blogger platform can offer you an advantage, sticking with it for a long time might lose you SEO, revenue, and traffic in the long run. Aside from that, Blogger is owned by Google and have complete rights on your blog. They could change anything without notifying you and may have the right to make some deletions on your blog. Blogger platform can’t be customized the way WordPress would give you freedom in customizing your own blog. WordPress is also more SEO optimized compared to Blogger.

Things to Remember When Getting Started with Your Migration

One of the things you need before you get started is a good hosting provider. Blogs on WordPress are self-hosted. For this reason, you need a reliable and good hosting provider to host your blogs. If you’re just getting started and your blog does not have much traffic, it is a good idea to stick with shared hosting. But, the choice for hosting provider is yours as this may depend on your budget and other needs.

The Steps On How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

  •  Import your blog on Blogger to WordPress

To do this, you should go to the “Tools” and click “Import” and hit “Blogger”. There’s a pop-up window that will appear and will ask you to install a plugin. Once you clicked the install button and once done with the installation, activate the installed plugin to continue. Then, you’ll be redirected to another screen where you will have to authorize WordPress for importing your blog. After hitting the Authorize button, this will take you to you Google Account page. Then, you’ll be notified that WordPress is requesting permission to access your account on Blogger. Click the button to allow access. Once your blog was completely imported on WordPress, you have to assign an author.

  •  Set Up Permalinks

After done with importing your blog to WordPress, it does not stop there as you need to ensure that you will maintain your ranking and traffic. To do this, you have to set up permalinks.

  • Set Up Redirection

You also need to set up redirection. This is an essential step when migrating from Blogger to WordPress because you would want your users to see or view the exact same page on the new platform. You can set up redirection in two ways and one is to redirect your Blogger visitors to WordPress. Then, once your users reach your new site on WordPress, you need to redirect them to the exact post they’re access on your previous blog.

Just after redirecting your existing links make sure you index your new WordPress blog links in Google and other search engines. You can simply use ping tools to make the indexing process very fast and almost instant.

Feel free to ask if you stuck some in migration process.

Image credit – allbloggingtips


WhatsApp we know what it meant to us now a day 😀  We are so much addicted to messenger now a day that it becoming impossible to get apart from our cell phone or laptops for a minute.

As per survey shows per day on an average 30 billion message are sent that means on an average every single user of WhatsApp send 40-50 message per day. Same scenario with Facebook messenger.

There are lot of messenger available in market like we chat, Hike, Telegram etc but they are not be able to make there ways to capture market like WhatsApp. In india especially you will find WhatsApp on every smartphone for sure. As time are running out choices of people are changing rapidly. Many user want some new features so they are shifting to new messenger.

Hike is one of popular messenger. It is loved mostly by its messenger sticker. You will find lot of sticker on Hike messenger. They are specifically made for region, theme or emotion wise. Sticker are popular among youth. We are lazy even to type so we are sending stickers. 😀 Hopefully you’ll be super lazy like me if i am not wrong. Hike do have all the features of status, DP & all like WhatsApp. Even you get much more features like sending any file by Hike like PPT’s, Doc which are not available in WhatsApp.

So here is step by step guide on How to get hike messenger stickers on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

1. Open Hike messenger or download it if you don’t have.

stickers for messenger

2. click on setting option.

Hike Messenger sticker

3. Click on Stickey option.

Messenger stickers


4. The new page will appear asking about in which messenger you want to use Hike stickers option. (Currently it is available for WhatsApp and Facebook only) Check the box which you want.

Messenger sticker


Now it is all set for you when ever you will open WhatsApp or Facebook messenger you will be able to use Hike sticker in your chats.

5. When ever you will open the App the round hike symbol will show up on either side of screen.

Messenger sticker for whatsapp

messenger sticker









6. When you will click on Hike icon the pop up box will appear on your screen. With that you can easily insert any sticker of your choice in your chat & put your friend on shock!!!

sticker for messengerMessenger sticker for facebook










Now you are all set to use Messenger sticker in your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.




Better Video Experience on Your Mobile Browser

More and more people are watching videos from their smartphones nowadays. Just because your phone’s screen is small, though, doesn’t mean you can’t get a great video experience, especially when viewing videos from a mobile browser. Here are some tips to help you get the most our of your mobile videos:

 1.Watch the video in landscape and full screen mode

When you watch a video in portrait mode, it usually takes up half the screen at most. Many videos will have options to go into full screen mode to automatically go into landscape view. You can also enable auto-rotate on your phone and then turn the phone to enter landscape mode, or manually enable ‘Fullscreen Mode’ in a browser such as Dolphin Browser for Android.

2.Lock the screen orientation

Once you’re in landscape mode, consider turning off the auto-rotate option on your phone to prevent the phone from going back to portrait mode. This is helpful if you’re watching longer videos, or if you’re lying down while watching something (the phone’s sensors tend to act up a bit when you’re lying down).

3.Buffer the video first

If your network connection is not very stable, your video will stutter and pause a lot. To prevent further frustrations, play the video and then hit pause to let the video buffer and load. After a short while, hit play again for a smoother video experience.

4.Use headphones or ear buds

This option is mostly useful if you’re out and about while watching video content. In noisy environments, it becomes very difficult to hear the audio from videos, which is where headphones or ear buds come in handy. Additionally, this makes it so you aren’t bombarding other people with your content.

5.Install an AdBlock add-on

Some videos will play ads before the video starts. These ads can sometimes be intrusive, loud, or too long. To avoid this, try installing an AdBlock add-on to your browser. In Dolphin Browser, you can do so by navigating to the right sidebar, and then making sure the built-in AdBlock add-on is enabled.

6.Download the video beforehand for offline viewing

Most people watch videos on Wi-Fi to avoid using up too much data. If you need to go somewhere without stable Wi-Fi, though, you can still watch videos if you download them first. In Dolphin Browser for Android, you can download a Video Downloader add-on in order to quickly and easily download videos you want to save for later viewing.


With these tips, you should be able to maximize your enjoyment when watching videos on the go!