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How to Share USB mouse over network

How many devices do you own – a couple or, maybe, more? How often do you have to operate all of them at a time? Rather often, we suppose. Add a laptop or desktop to your workflow; now think of how you can make it more efficient. What is it that requires more effort than necessary when you have to switch between devices? That’s right – use a single keyboard and mouse to save yourself time and effort. All you need is access to the USB port of a remote machine to which these peripherals are connected.

Remote access to USB ports is also required when you work on a ‘thin client’ and virtual environment. A ‘thin client’ does not have a hard drive, so it depends on servers to host applications, process data and perform other computational functions. Virtual environment typically does not allow interacting with USB ports of the host machine, so the keyboard and mouse remain unreachable to you.

To share a USB port among multiple computers over network you need a special app – USB Network Gate by Eltima Software.

USB Network Gate

The app is compact and easy-to-use, and here is your step-by-step guide to using it:

  1.   Download and install the USB Network Gate on the computer that has the keyboard and mouse to be shared (server) and the computer that needs access to it (client).
  2.     Launch the app on the server and go to ‘Share local USB devices’ tab. Locate the keyboard and mouse and click ‘Share’ button.
  3.     Open the app on the client, go to ‘Remote USB devices’ tab and click ‘Connect’ next to it.

That’s it – now you can use the remote keyboard and mouse as if they were connected directly to your machine.

How to share keyboard over LAN

There were times when only system administrators and hardware engineers had to work on multiple computers at a time. For better or worse, but these times are long gone now, and we, regular computer users, often find ourselves in situations when we have to operate a laptop and a desktop or a couple of them at the same time. To minimise time and effort we spend on switching between keyboards and mice, we would suggest using one keyboard and one mouse for N number machines you have to work with. It is possible if you can access USB port of a remote machine.

Remote USB port access comes handy in other situations too – when you operate a ‘thin’ client, a machine without a hard drive that heavily depends on other computers to perform its functions; and when you work in virtual environment. Virtualisation provides a lot of benefits but has a drawback too – you cannot access USB ports of the host machine.

How does one get access to a remote USB port? With the help of special software.

USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate is an application designed by Eltima Software for enabling access to a remote USB port over network. It is efficient, yet easy-to-use, this is how it works:

  1.     Download and install the app on a server, the machine that has a keyboard and mouse to be shared.
  2.     Launch the app, locate the required devices in the list of available local peripherals and click ‘Share’ next to them.
  3.     Download and install the app on a client, the machine that needs to access the shared keyboard and mouse.
  4.     Launch the app, locate the required devices in the list of available remote peripherals and click ‘Connect’.

Once the connection is established, start using the keyboard and mouse as if they were connected directly to your local machine – as easy as it gets.


Watch Boxing Live Broadcast of All Major Boxing Fights Online

Watch Boxing Live Broadcast of All Major Boxing Fights Online

There have been many boxing fights to talk about since the history of boxing but what does it really take to be considers as an interesting boxing fight? There are so many things that thrill boxing fans when it comes to boxing fights.

In fact, some are thrilled with the way the punches are delivered to their opponents, some are thrilled with the manner opponents get brought down in just a short time while others may be thrilled by the impressive number of titles these boxers have. But one thing is sure, boxing fights are one of the most emotional and interesting fights in any sports the world has ever seen.

Going back memory lane, many boxing fans can remember the fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier which was known as the “thriller in manila” as at that time. This was one of the major boxing fights that have come in the sport of boxing since inception.

Many fans were simply emotional about the deadly punches being thrown by both boxers. It was interesting with the venue jam-packed to the brim as fans try to catch a glimpse of the action. Major boxing fights like this have been making headlines time and time again and it is always one fans do not like to miss for whatever reason.

However, the truth is that not all boxing fans can watch these fights live in the venue. For example, many fans of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were not able to watch the fight at the venue due to some circumstances beyond their control.

The fortunate thing about today’s boxing fight is that there are other ways fans can watch these fights without having to go to the venue where it is taking place. Today, you can watch live broadcast of all major boxing fights from the comfort of your home.

Fortunately technology has taken sports viewing to the next level where everyone irrespective of where you live can join and catch the fun following and supporting your favorite team.

Boxing is not an exception to this as you now have the opportunity to watch all high profile boxing fights live anywhere you are. In this case, you do not need to subscribe to Cable TV which is expensive but all you need is your devices, iPad, Mac or even a PC and you will see the fight live.

To watch live broadcast of all major boxing fights, you need to go to websites like and watch these fights for free. The good thing about the mentioned site is that you can watch these fights in high definition which adds to the exciting experience.

So whatever happens on the boxing ring between your favorite boxing star and their opponent can be seen live from the comfort of your home as long as you have a fast internet connection, a capable device and logging onto

Therefore, if you are a boxing lover, you now have another option to watch live broadcast of all major boxing fights.

How to Select the Right Home Surveillance System

Heard a knock on the door in the middle of the night? Who could it possibly be? Or, maybe you misheard and it could be nothing, but the wind. When such things bump you in the night, you get all curious to check what it is, but obviously you will be a little apprehensive to open the door and check. So, what should be done?

Security cameras come in handy when you come across such situations. They are good enough to keep a stern around the clock watch in and around your home. Moreover, you can catch a sight of several rooms and that too, in real-time. When combined with some additional home automation devices like smoke detectors and motion sensors, your surveillance camera system can turn into a sleepless guard for your home!

With technological advancements, there are incalculable options available in the market when it comes to buying security cameras. And, it is natural to get lost in such a huge selection.

Here, we are penning down the fundamental things that you should know about surveillance system to help you get started with the search of the right home surveillance system.

Consider what you actually need! 

With the market flooded with thousands of different options for security camera systems, it becomes imperative to first outline that ‘where’ and ‘when’ you need to install video monitoring equipment. Ask yourself some questions like:

  • What are the possible entry points of your abode?
  • Do you want to monitor all these entry points?
  • What is the size and layout of your house?
  • How much you want to spend on the video monitoring devices?
  • Do you want to monitor your place 24/7 or just at night?
  • How much area you want to cover with one camera?

When you keep in mind the answers of all these questions, you definitely will get a little sorted with your safety requirements.

Flip through all the camera options!

When you say the word ‘security camera’, you are actually pointing to a whole range of different kinds. Every sort has different specifications and serves different purposes. Let us have a basic introduction with the clan.

  • Box camera: Large size camera with fixed and vari-focal lens options.
  • Bullet camera: Comparatively small sized and are good for covert applications.
  • Dome camera: Plug and play devices that are covered with the tinted glass and are perfect for monitoring indoors.
  • PTZ Camera: Remote controlled devices used for monitoring large areas.

When you know the locations that you want to monitor, deciding among these different choices become easy.

Enhance its capability with additional features!

The additional features can further enhance the capability of your system to a great level. More the capability, the more is the security!

Some of these additional features could be:

  • Night Vision capability: Lets you see even in pitch dark with the help of IR LEDs.
  • Adjustable: Lets you control the view of the cam with the help of a remote control.
  • High definition resolution: Offers crystal clear images without missing on any detail.
  • Wireless systems: Small, easy to set-up, portable, expandable, and less vulnerable; these ‘without wire’ systems save you from all the hassles of lengthy cabling too.
  • Weatherproof housing: Make your systems stand against all ruthless weathers.
  • Remote access: Lets you view every nook and corner of your dwelling from anywhere in the world.

Wrapping it all up!

It is crucial to do your own research before you step into one of the surveillance stores. Having a clear understanding of your safety requirements will help you find out the surveillance device that best fits into your place of residence.

Author Bio: Rohan Sharma is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. With more than 10 years of experience to his credit, Rohan has always been a pertinent contributor to the security industry. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well-renowned security products manufacturer and retailer. Needless to say, Rohan boasts for paramount and credible products only, with Revo’s being his favorite.

How to Choose the Best Explainer Video Company
Are You on a Tight Budget? Here’s How to Choose the Best Explainer Video Company

Would you like a killer animated explainer video that will boost your business? If yes, choosing how are going to produce it is the most important step. There are plenty of choices when it comes to an explainer video company that you can count on. However, you must careful evaluate your options and compare their offers with your set budget.

Go for Freelance

The regular process of video productions requires a team of expert professionals in every area of production, at least a creative director, scriptwriter, art designer, storyboard artist, a voice talent, sound producer and an animator. However, you can opt to do it the freelance way.

Here, you got two options: you can hire an animator and ask him to craft everything or you can assemble an entire team composed of freelancers. Both of these can make the pricing more affordable for you.

But while freelance way is generally a good way, this is recommended only for the low budget startups that cannot invest too much in advertising yet. When your company is willing to enhance its internet marketing campaign, take note that lousy videos can lead to a loss in sales and conversions together with a bigger investment as compared to hiring an explainer video company. Instead of choosing to skate on thin ice, it’s best to wise.

Pick the Template Way

It is true that there is more than one explainer video company in the company yet not all of them are going to fit your set budget. Among the most affordable choices are companies offering pre-defined designs and animations, with their marketing videos known as template videos because of these are pre-made in nature. It is fast to produce this kind of videos but they don’t really have a professional quality, while visual designs will not adjust to your brand. The main issue with such animated marketing videos is that you cannot fit the predefined designs to the message of your brand so you cannot clearly convey the message or establish a solid bond with your target audience.

Choose the Custom Way

Finally, you can find an explainer video company that crafts custom animated videos and has a complete team of professionals. This kind of companies creates custom designed videos that are specially crafted for engaging a certain audience and transmitting a specific business message. These companies can have different price ranges when it comes to their services so it will be best that you go for an explainer video company that perfectly fits with your budget will meeting your set requirements.

For a quick wrap up, here are the final recommendations that you have to keep in mind before you pick an explainer video company:

  • Make sure that you check their portfolios in order to see the actual quality of the videos they did in the past.
  • Set an online meeting with the company to talk and discuss the whole process before it starts.
  • Go through opinions and reviews of their past clients.