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10 Gadgets For All Your Gardening Needs

When you’re gardening, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to have the right tools in order to do a good job. Without the right gardening gadgets at your side, you’re going to be a lot less efficient in your gardening than you could be. When you get the right gardening gadgets, you can get the job much more quickly than otherwise. Keep reading down below, where we’re going to bring you through some of the top gardening gadgets that you have got to get your hands on.


1. Good and sharp pruners

If you are going to be doing a lot of pruning in your garden (changes are high that you are), then you should make sure that the first gadget you get is a high quality pair of pruners. Make sure that they are high-quality because these are the ones that are going to reduce the fatigue you might feel from pruning a lot.


2. Hori Hori

The next gadget that you should have on your list is one that might sound a little funny at first. The Hori Hori is a combo gardening tool that’s pretty much good for anything that you have to do around the garden, so make sure to get your hands on one to make your life a whole lot easier!


3. An ergonomic shovel

Make sure you get yourself a new shovel if you’re going to be gardening a lot this summer. But don’t go for just any shovel! Go for one that has a sharp edge and that’s going to be easy for you to handle. Some shovels are pretty ergo dynamic in terms of their handle, so focus on these.


4. Easybloom plant sensor

The next item that you should get is called the Easybloom plant sensor. This little gadget is perfect for those of you who are just getting started in the world of gardening and need a bit of an extra hand. This sensor, when placed in the ground for a couple of days, will tell you exactly how much moisture and light a certain area of your lawn gets.



The Cobrahead is going to be your best friend when it comes to getting rid of those weeds in your garden. Make sure to get one and you’ll be saying goodbye to those pesky weeds in no time! After you get yourself then, read the full article that’s linked and you’ll learn a lot more about gardening.


6. A gardening apron

Of course, a great addition to any gardener’s chest is a gardening apron. Now, you might wonder why you need a gardening apron like the one you would use in a kitchen. Well, this apron is going to allow you to carry around your notebooks, gardening books, and tools while you’re gardening. That way, you don’t have to run back inside to grab things when you need them.


7. Compost tumbler

Think about getting a compost tumbler if you want to speed up the process of getting compost and not have to go into the trouble of building your own compost area. This gadget is going to ensure that you get your compost done in a much faster amount of time.


8. Planning your vegetables online

There are plenty of apps and online websites that you can use to plan out where you’re going to place your vegetables. That way, you will be able to tell the best places to put them and which are going to play well together when growing.


9. Self-watering container

This next gadget is one that’s perfect for those of you who forget to water your plants often. If you’re one of those people, then make sure to get a self-water container that will ensure that your plants get the adequate amount of water all of the time.


10. A journal

And of course, lastly, you’ve got to have a journal on hand if you want to make sure that your plants are getting everything they need. When you have a journal, you will be able to remember exactly when you watered your plants last and add some reminders of extra things you need to do.


There you have it! Make sure that you get each of these gadgets under your disposal if you want your plants to grow healthy and strong this summer.

Cheapest 32 Inch LED TVs in India

An LED TV is the most popular form of TV being used in homes. It is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current goes through it. The light is not bright but in many LED’s, it is monochromatic and is happening at a single wavelength.

There are many TV manufacturers that are introducing as the latest flat screen TV. If you are looking for an LED TV of 32 inches but in cheap rates, you should do proper search on the top companies offering LED within your budget.

You will surely want to purchase the best LED TV within the price range of under 15000, so that your hard earned money don’t get wasted. Within this range, you will also want good quality picture and sound system. Here, we will discuss the list of top 10 Best TVs under 15000 in India (2017) | Review Station.

The Panasonic TH-32C350DX

The Panasonic TH-32C350DX is a great and affordable choice from Panasonic for customers who want high quality and cheap rates LED. It is very simple and easy to setup and install. The picture quality is marvelous and is similar to the full HD TVs. The display is also extremely clear and offers sharpness and furthermore a wide viewing angle. You can watch video on it that worked very smoothly. The sound clarity is excellent as well.

The levels ought to be incredible for a medium-sized room. The TV plays most formats of audios and videos. It has a powerful sensor and many other amazing features.

The Panasonic TH-32C350DX is a moderate TV with countless features. It can be a rational decision to purchase this LED TV and the price is 16,999 that is quite a reasonable price for the features it offers.

Haier LE32B9100

The Haier LE32B9100 is another good option to avail for only Rs. 15, 790 and you can purchase that online. It is a 32-inch screen and is in this way simple to mount and find. The display quality is incredible with the exceedingly high quality color display and contrast that improve the viewing experience. Within this price range, it is hard to find the LED TV with as much features as this LED offers.

The device supports USB to USB copying as well. The TV supports the smooth running of different formats of audios, videos and documents. However, the installation service is not free of most but overall it offers good price and features which make it a good choice.

Vu 32K160MREVD

The Vu 32K160MREVD is another very affordable choice of LED TVs for customers who are looking a cheap LED TV. It costs only Rs. 14, 498 to purchase. The build quality is very fast and it is best for small or medium sized rooms or bedrooms. The photo quality is excellent and it offers clear images with high pixels. It could run 4K videos easily.

The speaker quality is also very good. Installation is quite simple and easy and the TV unit accompanies all the vital devices you require. The sound output is good enough but for a medium sized room.

Vu gives its clients full value for the money they puts in purchasing it. The Vu 32K160MREVD is a great choice. Overall, it offers good value for the money they spend to purchase it. It has amazing picture quality and great speaker clearness. Installation is simple and speedy and it is compact as well.


Micromax brings its clients yet another incentive for LED TV. Its price is 13, 990 and has a build quality that gives a premium feel. It a 32 inch TV, and the design is compact and lightweight. Despite the fact that it is not full HD, the video quality is completely clear and sharp with excellent colors. Also, the picture quality is very great. It runs most of the formats of videos and audios.

You will never be disappointed with the sound quality for the price you paid. It offers many features and it justifies the price you paid. The picture quality, sound system, images quality and media support are excellent.

Beats Studio Wireless headphones

To know the quality of the Beats Studio Wireless, you may need to compare it with other product. In this case, we will see two high-end headphones; one is from Beats Studio Wireless and another one is Samsung Level Over.

Even though Samsung and the Beats come from two different companies, they are in the same field of competition. Sometimes, people who love listen to music want to enjoy the music personally. There is no better way in listening to the music in our ears without bothering other people, except using headphones.

In certain condition, people will be picky even though they only choose headphones to be used. Samsung Level Over could be compatible with mobile phones. It is no different from the Beats Studio Wireless. Beats Studio Wireless is the new product from Apple’s Beats. Some people doubt the product but a few reviews show that Beats Studio Wireless could be a competitor to the Samsung Level Over.

The construction

The Samsung Level Over has stuck to the basic in design. The color of this model is white and tan which make it look great and stand out. The combination of the materials and craftsmanship make is a great quality product. You will sense that the headphones are the premium product since the first time you open the box and try them on. Even though most of the construction is plastic, the finish of the product is excellent.

On the other hands, Beats headphones are iconic and have a great look. Even though the latest Studio model has not changed much, the demand is still high. We found a great guide to the best beats headphones and thought we’d share that site with you. They definitely are going to stay for long in the market. They have some improvements in this model by redesigned the wide, so it is not as big as the previous models. The Beats Studios Wireless can be classified as the high-end product with its finest quality. Besides that, they are made from synthetic leather used on the headband and ear cups. Those materials make them soft and supple when they are used. The ear cups are the standard closed back design which can be found in every Beats headphone. They are built nicely and they will feel so good on your ears. Moreover, there is an adjustment which is more than adequate to fit for anyone. Then, the tri-fold design fits them neatly into the included carrying case.

How Does NBA Stream Work for Houston Rockets?

Are you one of the Houston Rockets fans? If like so, then are you ready to enjoy 2016-2017 Houston Rockets? If not, then be ready with Houston Rockets NBA Stream Apple TV. This year 2015-2016 Houston Rockets game is expected to rocking. But, you don’t have a cable connection to watch Houston Rockets. Don’t worry; now, you can watch Houston Rockets through online without a cable connection.

Nowadays, so many people watch not only the Houston Rockets game but also all regular seasonable NBA games on online instead of paying money for cable. If you want to know more about online live stream for Houston Rockets, then keep continuing to read this entire section.

NBA Live Stream Online Free on iPad Mac PC – NBAOnlineStreams

How does NBA stream work for Houston Rockets?

You know, there are so many ways to watch rockets game on online, but do you want to connect live streams on your apple TV? Then, NBA league pass is the right choice for you. Apart from NBA league pass, there are other options available in these days market.

When it comes to NBA content for Houston Rockets, the NBA league pass is the perfect choice for you. The NBA league pass is nothing but an online streaming service, which is provided by the NBA. And, this online streaming service provides the most coverage for basketball than all other services available on the outside.

With the help of this live streaming service, you can able to watch NBA games and as well as other regular TV shows too. At the same time, it offers most of the coverage for a basketball game.

Want to know how the NBA stream for apple TV works? Keep scrolling!!

How does NBA stream for apple TV work?

Here are how the NBA league pass service works for you.

  • There are so many options available for you to choose service. For example, if you want to watch all teams, then NBA league pass for $199.99 is the choice for you. Meanwhile, you can get service only for your favorite team or game. For a single game, you need to pay $6.99.
  • You can watch Houston Rockets on any devices like computer, mobile devices, TV such as Apple TV using a streaming device.
  • Based on the package for streaming service, you can enjoy each and every regular season game for all team or a single
  • If you’re busy with your works and can’t able to watch any particular game, then no worries, there is replay option available for you people to watch on your free time.
  • You can also watch classic NBA games using replay option from past seasons based on your payment.
  • When you want to watch only a specific game, an NBA single-game pass allows you to watch that game alone on living.

Therefore, if you want to watch Houston Rockets on apple TV, then NBA league pass stream is the right option and it comes with a range of options to choose anyone based on your need.

mtn Nigeria losses data subscribers

MTN Nigeria seemed to have always maintained an unfriendly position like the most expensive mtn data plan and bundles, the most expensive calls rates, the most abusive customer care and the most despised network just to mention a few. I find it difficult to understand why a telecommunication giant company like MTN would go into business in Nigeria only to continually breed hatred and dislike to herself.

Just a few days ago it became public information that MTN was no longer the most valued telecommunication company in Africa. It lost this position to the Tech Company Vodacom. How did this happen? It stemmed from the huge losses sustained in mtn data plan and mtn call rates in Nigeria. This sharp fall from glory is as a result of a streak of bad events and losses in income and fame since 2015. I would share more on the details of this as we proceed.


It is no news that the MTN Africa milked its major revenue from the country Nigeria. Nigeria according to National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) website first quarter report (Q1), the number of active voice subscriptions stood at 148.74 million at the end of Q1 2016. It didn’t however come as a surprise that MTN accounts for the largest share; enjoying 38% of the total (57.04 million subscribers), followed by Glo with 23.2 % (34.60 million subscribers) and Airtel with 22.7% (33.86 million mobile subscribers).

Moving on, the number of active internet subscriptions stood at 92.4 million at the end of Q1 2016 with MTN accounting for the largest share of 33.35 million (36.09% of total), followed by Glo with 26.53 million subscribers (28.70 % of total) and Airtel with 17.15 million (18.56%). Lagos State accounted for the largest share of active internet subscribers with 12.62 million or 13.65% of the total, followed by Ogun State with 5.62 million subscribers or 6.09%, Oyo State with 4.90 million subscribers or 5.31% of the total, then Kaduna and Kano State with 4.23 million (4.57%) and 4.13 million (4.47%) internet subscribers respectively. On the other hand, Yobe (0.69 million), Bayelsa (0.73 million) and Ebonyi (0.79 million) had the smallest number of active internet subscriber as of Q1 2016.


Looking at the above statistics one may erroneously assume that all is cool with the tech giant especially because they still maintain the number one position in the country. This thinking would not be correct as the tech giant lost great amount subscribers in such a short time.

According to the report on NBS website, in the first three months of 2016, Globacom Nigeria benefited, gained and recorded 1,448,354 (over one million and four hundred thousand) new internet subscribers on its network!

The specific numbers recorded per month were 354,178 for January, 248,593 for February and 845,583 for March. Globacom’s (Glo Nigeria) total internet customers as at the end of the quarter stood at 26,530,420. The figure 1,448,354 for the three months under review represents 80% of the total number of 1,820,651.

In the same period, Airtel benefited by an addition of 319,229 new data subscribers, while the Etisalat Network gained 53,068 new Etisalat data plan subscribers – a combined 20% of the remaining total figure. MTN Nigeria within the same period lost over 6.5 million internet subscribers reducing from 39,924,737 to 33,356,595 active mtn data plan subscribers. This means six million and five hundred thousand Nigerians would previously subscribed to mtn data plan and bundles stopped subscribing within a three month period.



As bad as losing 6 million subscribers is, sadly it has not been the end of the MTN Nigeria woes. The company was fined over a trillion naira by NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission). Yes you heard and saw that right N1TRILLION NAIRA. This catastrophic event led to the resignation of the CEO, Sifiso Dabengwa.

The loss of Mr. Sifiso Dabengwa is a major loss to MTN Nigeria because of the enormous wealth of knowledge and experience he possesses. He has occupied several very important positions within MTN during the in past 14 years. MTN Nigeria is now faced with the challenge of finding a new Chief Executive Officer who can move the company forward henceforth.

In October last year (2015), the data prize floor was removed, allowing all telecommunication networks operating in Nigeria to sell data bundles as low as they could. This move by the regulating body was quickly taken advantage of by Glo and Airtel. However, because of the Airtel Nigeria network challenges more people stuck with the Glo Network. This explains how the company managed to surpass all the other mobile networks in Nigeria.

The Glo data plans and Bundles are so affordable now that one may purchase 6 Gigabytes of data for only N2,000. On the other hand mtn data plans still sell for as high as 3.5 Gigabytes for N2,000.

  1. The company must change its attitude towards customers and treat them better. It is a shame that many Nigerian subscribers still pay for mtn data plan and bundles which they never use due to network issues or bad customer care. This must stop.
  2. The company must become more flexible to change and be quick to implement dynamic changes. Over the years I have noticed MTN to be a company of in quote “change not until it hurts”. As much as tenacity is a virtue the company must also realize we live in a different world today where things can change very fast.
  3. The company must take back its leadership position again by being the first once again to initiate/innovate in the telecommunication industry.

Image By Ken Banks – originally posted to Flickr as kiwanja_south_africa_shops_5, CC BY 2.0,

Article Credit SignalNET