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What is Image Conversion?

Image conversion simply means changing the properties of an image from one format to another. For example, a picture originally in JPEG format can be compressed and changed to TIF format to suit the users need. The need for image conversion arises due to different need and requirements of users which brought about the rise and development of software that converts images/pictures from one format to another. Quite a number of image file formats are available for storing images, because of this, lots of issues arises associated with converting from one image format to another, most notably loss of image detail, pixelating images as well as blurry images when there is a need to convert from one format to another format, chief among this issue is the loss of image detail, as well as the image, becoming blurry and unusable

What is an Image Converter?

Image Converter is a file converter only that it converts images/pictures from one format or form to another format. An example is if an image is needed in a PDF format, and we have it as a JPEG format, we make use of an image converter software to convert. The need to make use of converters arises when there is a need for another version of a particular image in a different format for reasons known only to the user.

There are many different file extensions or file format available for picture/image files. This file format determines in what software the file can be opened or edited. We usually know the type of format a particular image file is nothing the letters after the full stop sign i.e. (“.”) Most people working with pictures/images will at some point need to convert these files to a new format so it’s worth knowing a couple different ways to approach the issue.The most common and widely used image extension is the JPEG otherwise known as the JPG and it is these extension users have reason to convert to most of the time.

There exist lots of software to convert images online but the problem with most of this converters is their inability to retain the quality of the images after conversion mainly because it would have lost all its qualities and features which make it unusable.

reaConverter, on the other hand, offers a unique way of converting images. Here are some of the reasons to switch to reaConverter and delete your previous ones from your computer;

  1. ORIGINALITY: converting with reaConverter retains all the features and qualities of your image even after compression
  2. WIDEST RANGE OF FORMAT: it is the only converter that offers the widest range of picture file format which means you can convert from any format and it will produce a good image
  3. USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: the interface for the image conversion has been so simplified such that an 8-year kid can use it to do an image conversion and it will come out perfect. There is also a command line interface for the more advanced users that need specific features added to their conversion.
  4. 4 STEPS CONVERSION: it is one of the easiest converters out there because, in just 4 steps, your image is converted from the format it was to any format you want it to be. The steps are very simple and straight forward; add images, apply editing, save the result and Automate.
  5. IMAGE EDITING: it also offers image editing software embedded in it such that when converting, you can edit the image to your own taste.
  6. SUPPORTS CAD FORMAT: Converter supports CAD format. CAD which stands for Computer Aided Designs used by professionals in the engineering, architecture, construction and building design industries, as well as in producing special effects for movies and computer animation. With the latest edition of reaConverter’s, it allows for the conversion of CAD formats to other vectors forms or to more widely accessible raster formats such as DGN, DWF, PLT
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