How to share keyboard over LAN

There were times when only system administrators and hardware engineers had to work on multiple computers at a time. For better or worse, but these times are long gone now, and we, regular computer users, often find ourselves in situations when we have to operate a laptop and a desktop or a couple of them at the same time. To minimise time and effort we spend on switching between keyboards and mice, we would suggest using one keyboard and one mouse for N number machines you have to work with. It is possible if you can access USB port of a remote machine.

Remote USB port access comes handy in other situations too – when you operate a ‘thin’ client, a machine without a hard drive that heavily depends on other computers to perform its functions; and when you work in virtual environment. Virtualisation provides a lot of benefits but has a drawback too – you cannot access USB ports of the host machine.

How does one get access to a remote USB port? With the help of special software.

USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate is an application designed by Eltima Software for enabling access to a remote USB port over network. It is efficient, yet easy-to-use, this is how it works:

  1.     Download and install the app on a server, the machine that has a keyboard and mouse to be shared.
  2.     Launch the app, locate the required devices in the list of available local peripherals and click ‘Share’ next to them.
  3.     Download and install the app on a client, the machine that needs to access the shared keyboard and mouse.
  4.     Launch the app, locate the required devices in the list of available remote peripherals and click ‘Connect’.

Once the connection is established, start using the keyboard and mouse as if they were connected directly to your local machine – as easy as it gets.