You can see a lot favorite celebrities and film stars wears a different hair style each time when they appears in public occasions. Last time they have a short bob and next we will see them with long sleek straight or beautiful curly hair on an award. They easily switch from an Ombre wave to tight curls.

How they achieve such looks so quick, have you ever wondered that? It is extensions. And it is easy for you to experiment with this that has swept the whole hair and beauty world. With the help of hair extensions, now your can be part of the glamorous world reflected on fashion magazines. Whether you are going to a wedding, office party, cocktail party, you can wear a full head of hair extensions and become the centre of focus. However, there are a lot of popular hair types, are you confused on which one to get?

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Coming from South America, mainly Brazil, so the name is Brazilian hair extensions. The natural shine, body wave of Brazilian hair make it extremely popular among African American women. There are a lot of hair companies selling fake Brazilian hair, the price is much cheaper, they are absolutely not Brazilian.

Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair is seen every where because it is so readily available. Compared with Chinese hair extensions, Indian hair has a more smooth texture, it is more silky and shinier than other extensions, but not as thick as them. This type of hair is collected from Indian temples, women donated their hairs to temples to raise some money.

Malaysian Hair Extensions

Like Indian hair, some Malaysian hairs are collected from temples, but most of them are from villages in Malaysia. This type of hair is a new addition to extensions world, the price is a little higher than Indian and Chinese hair extensions.

Chinese Hair Extensions

This type of hair extensions have a thicker texture than Brazilian hair. Chinese hair is integrated with yaki texture, they have a great demand in the hair market for Afro-American women.

With all types of hair, you need to find the most suitable one, extra expense of buying real human virgin hair for extensions is worth because it will last longer, could be reused and re-styled without problems. Real virgin hair is usually in natural black or dark brown, if in other colors, it will not be virgin hair.

To save money in the long run, here we suggest you buy the best virgin hair extensions. New Star is exactly a trusted hair vendor to buy 100% unprocessed virgin hair products. Buying wholesale virgin hair will not only get the best hair weaves, but you will also save a lot of money because of their considerable price. New Star official provides African American women with hair wefts, wigs, lace closures and lace frontals, well, those hair extensions like clip-ins, tape ins and micro loop ring extensions are also very suitable for European women. So their products are facing the total world. A lot of styles available, you can always get the most suitable one.

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